(1) I got the inspiration from the Spanish artist SpY's surveillance art series CAMERAS in which he placed multiple surveillance cameras in public spaces. I felt this is a really direct and powerful way of reminding people how we're being constantly watched and monitored. And for my midterm project, I tried to recreate a digital version of it with something more. Instead of placing a lot of still cameras, I wrote a script to let the cameras keep following and looking at where the audience is. Also I tried to apply VR goggle to the project in order to create a better experience.

(2) One of my biggest challenge was writing the script for the camera movement. At the beginning I tried to use the function loodAt() directly. However, I found it really difficult for my audience to notice the movement of those cameras since the audience can always only see the lens part. And later I applied some damping force to the movement and used rotation function so as to solve this problem, so the audience would be able to see the movement of the camera and have a stronger experience.

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Published 290 days ago